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What are Recruitment and Selection?

Learn about Recruitment and Selection with ShahRukh Khan!
Raju Bann Gaya Gentleman 1992

What are Recruitment and Selection?

Recruitment is a pool of potential candidates who are eligible for the job, from this pool certain candidates are selected. Recruitment process generally involve identifying the need of a candidate by the company and then receiving the application for the job to be done.

Once the applications are received, companies or recruitment agencies weed out the applications that are not suitable for the job or are unqualified. Remaining candidates, are then ranked and on this basis they are normally called for an interview.

Selection Process:

There are a number of ways to make the selection process, such as interviews, aptitude tests, group tasks, presentations and role-playing tasks. These are done to help select the best candidate for the job.

Interview process helps to evaluate a candidate who is best suited for a job. One can determine if the candidate’s experience is relevant for the job or not. Qualities such as confidence, , vision, verbal skills, extroversion can be gauged from an interview process.

The scene in that you just saw shows how Raju is sitting with 4-5 candidates in the opening scene. He is called for an interview round and he proves his competence by telling the panel how the real estate project could have saved up to Rs. 5 crores. Raj seems to have confidence, good verbal skills and displays leadership traits while communicating. He also displays his intelligence and aptitude while talking about the real estate project that the company had undertaken. For these reasons, he is hired on the spot.

Effective recruitment of the right person for the job saves training time and money for the organization.

Understand Recruitment and Selection Process with this Youtube Video:


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