This course is for you, if you are:

  1. A Graduate/ Post graduate student
  2. A School Student who wants to learn about financial scandals.
  3. A Professional/Leader in organization
  4. Anyone who is interested in understanding financial scandals.

When you purchase this course you will learn about:

  1. Sub-Prime Crisis
  2. Enron
  3. Harshad Mehta Scandal
  4. Business Ethics

India and the world history has been dominated by many financial scandals. Let’s deep dive into the world of financial scandals and understand how frauds took place. Dissecting movies such as ‘Gafla’, ‘The Big Short’ and many more. Scandals have never been so engaging. You will learn concepts such as Securitization, SPV, MTM, CDS, CDO etc.

This a four week self-paced online course. Once you buy this course, you will be given a lifetime access to this course with your personalized username and password. Learning Perspectives recommends completing 1 module per week, as you will be a part of 90 minute session per week with the instructor to solve all queries.