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What is a Job Vacancy?

Learn about Job Vacancy with Tushar Kapoor

Case Breakdown: Movie One Two Three

The scene that you saw shows Kanta requesting Batla Bhai (Gangster) for a job opening. Kanta’s son Lakshminarayan (Played by Tushaar Kapoor) is unemployed. She wants his son to settle in life by taking a job as a shooter.

In this blog, Learning Perspectives will explore the meaning of Job vacancies.

What is a Job Vacancy?

Job Vacancy occurs when there is a job position available in an organization. Similar to the scene we witnessed that depicted an opening for a shooter’s position. To fill a position in the organization, companies generally conduct a recruitment process.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process consists of a pool of potential candidates who are eligible for the job, and from this pool, certain candidates are selected. This process generally involves identifying the need of a candidate by the company and then receiving the application for the job to be done.

To fill a vacant job, job postings are undertaken. The job posting is in the form of advertisements. Traditionally, job postings were published in newspapers. In today’s time, they are published online across various job portals or relevant social media portals. These postings can be either internal or external.

As the name suggests, internal postings are circulated within the organization only. This means the advertisement is only for existing employees. External postings on the other hand are circulated outside the organization.

Post recruitment process, the selection of the candidates is conducted. There are several ways to make the selection process, such as interviews, aptitude tests, group tasks, presentations, and role-playing tasks. These are done to help select the best candidate for the job.

Understand Job Vacancy with a Video

Understand Job Vacancy with a Video

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