Selection Process

Types of Selection Methods

Learn about Selection Process with Will Smith!
Men in Black 1997

Case breakdown: Movie Men in Black:

The scene above is from the movie ‘Men in Black’. This scene shows how Jay (Will Smith) is taking a series of tests to get selected at a secret organization that polices and monitors extraterrestrials on earth. (Reference- IMDB)

As you see in the scene above, Jay is first giving, what looks like an aptitude test which is followed by work simulation test.  For selecting the best candidate, all organizations conduct different rounds of tests.

Explicit goal of the selection process is to identify and hire individuals who have the

  • Knowledge
  • Skills 
  • Abilities

to perform jobs within the organization successfully. Generally, more than one candidate can be identified who meets given job requirements.

To ensure a proper match, a series of steps are crucial.

Application blank:

This is the most common and generally the first round of many rounds in the selection process. These are some standardized questions relating to personal information, experience, salary, accomplishments, references etc. These applications along with the resume of the candidate serves as a guide in the other rounds.

Below is a snapshot of a application form.

Aptitude and ability tests:

These tests gauge the aptitude ability and skill level of the candidate. It can be a offline or an online test. As you saw in the scene above, Jay is giving an aptitude test which is on paper. Minimum scores are created as a cut-off to weed off candidates who don’t meet the criteria of the company.

Different types of aptitude tests may include numerical reasoning test, verbal ability questions or in -tray exercises, where one is required to answer about an imagined scenario. Tests of intellectual ability, spatial and mechanical ability, perceptual accuracy and motor ability have shown to be moderately valid predictors for many semi-skilled and unskilled operative jobs in industrial organizations.

Simulation Tests:

These test undertake cloning of the tasks that will be part of the job. The scene that you just saw shows this as the next exercise for Jay, where all the candidates are shooting, what looks like aliens.

These tests places the candidate in real-life situations to understand the reaction and responses of the candidate. They also judge the critical reasoning ability of the candidate.


Interview judge the candidates’

  • Confidence
  • Subject knowledge
  • Verbal skills
  • Competence.

Interviews help in assessing applicant’s

  • Applied mental skills
  • Level of conscientiousness
  • Interpersonal skills.

Candidates who are not able to perform well in this process are most likely cut-off from the pool of candidates.

Organizations lean towards candidates who have values consistent with this of the organization or at least good portion of those values. Candidates also learn about the organization’s values and they can self select themselves out of the applicant pool. Therefore, Selection process is a 2 way street and it sustains the organization’s culture.

Understand with the help of a youtube video:

Reference: Organizational behavior, Stephen P. Robbins

Written by: Ms. Gitika Chandra


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