About Us

What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” ~ Alfred Mercier


Do these meaningless words ring a bell?  While these words have no meaning, the message the movie (3 Idiots) delivered was profound. Wasn’t it? “Were you excited about learning something new when I wrote these two words,” asked Aamir Khan’s character in the movie as he commented about the significance of making learning fun.

If you, like the movie’s protagonist, believe in the idea of being excited while learning something new and having fun at the same time, you’re at the right place!

Learning Perspectives came into being when our founder, Gitika Chandra, was taking a class at one of the reputed colleges in Delhi/NCR. It struck her how students’ responses changed when she related a difficult finance concept to a famous movie scene. All students were suddenly attentive and alert. “My words suddenly turned into gold as what I was saying could not be found in any book or on the internet. After this incident, whatever movie or scene I watched I could find a management/finance/tax concept in them. Then, I just couldn’t stop, I created concepts, modules and soon I started creating entire courses with this methodology. It was not only interesting, but it was also so much fun and soon I decided to share it with the world,” she says.

A research conducted in 2021 showed that students that watch a movie obtain a higher mark than those that do not follow this methodology. The methodology seems interesting as it is related to higher marks in exams.

At Learning Perspectives, you can find courses on management, financial accounting, financial management, financial services, basic taxation and financial scandals. All these courses are curated with vignettes’ from different movies. We are also providing free modules from a management course. This would give you a taste of how the courses are created.

Gitika works as a lecturer in Delhi. She has created a new teaching methodology that is easy to digest and understand. She has over 10 years of experience in both the corporate and the education industry (BIG 4, RBS, Government of India, Private Universities in Delhi and NCR). She has extensive management and business knowledge from various sectors.

Please write to perspectiveslearning@gmail.com for any clarifications or queries. We will gladly assist you.

10% of the proceeds from the courses will go towards the education of underprivileged students.