At learning Perspectives, we see the world differently and we want you to take a deep dive with us into a world to understand various management/ finance/ accounts/ tax concepts in a different than usual manner.


At Learning Perspective, we see the world from a different lens. We believe Learning should not just correlate to earning. Learning should be done for the joy of it and earning would be a by product. These courses will not only make you smarter and sharper about the subject matter but also help in earning good grades and marks.

Our methodology combines cinema and education. Through visual story telling we make concepts easier to digest and retain able for an entire lifetime.  We strive to make education delicious! Come and experience this new way of learning with us!! 


Creating trans-formative education which helps children and adults. Making courses that cover many more subjects. We see a world where students and professionals learn for the joy of it and not out of necessity.