Creativity in decision making

How to improve Creativity in Decision making?

Learn about Creativity in Decision making with Ki & Ka

Case breakdown: Movie Ki & Ka

This movie dealt with swapping gender roles. Ka or Kabir (Played by Arjun Kapoor) and Ki (played by Kareena kapoor) decide that it would be in their best interest if they change usual gender roles. As Ki is ambitious and driven by goals in the corporate world while Kabir believes in nurturing and loving a household. He decides that he wants to take up a role of a house wife and Ki decides to pursue her career and earn a living for the family.

The rational decision maker needs creativity.

Creativity is the ability to produce novel and useful ideas. These are ideas that are different from what’s been done before but they are also appropriate to the problem or opportunity presented.

How to improve creativity in Decision Making?

Why is creativity important to decision making? As it allows the decision maker to fully appraise and understand the problem, including seeing problems others can’t see. However, creativity’s most obvious value is in helping the decision maker identify all viable alternatives.

Most people have creative potential that they can use when confronted with a decision making problem. But to unleash the potential, they have to get out their minds and learn how to think about the problems in different ways. Most of us have creative potential, we just need to unleash it.

Ways to become Creative:

Move out of Comfort Zone:

Every individual has a comfort zone in which certainty exists. Creativity doesn’t mix with known. To be creative, one needs to move away from the status quo and focus your mind on something new.

Thinking outside the box:

Looking at a problem from a different perspective and someone like your grandmother what will she might do, if faced with a similar situation.

Pay attention to your intuition:

Intuition is you gut or God feeling. It is your inner voice. Majority of the times, our inner guidance system tells us exactly what is right for us. We reject it as our logical minds sometime may not agree with it. Many creative people keep a notepad near their bed side to jot down their ideas that come to them when their minds are quiet.

Look for ways to do things better:

Trying consciously to be original and not worrying about looking foolish or stupid. Being alert to odd or puzzling facts, thinking of unconventional ways of doing things and discarding habitual ways of doing things.

Find several right answers:

Being creative means continually looking for other solutions even when you think you have solved a problem. A better more creative solution can be found.

Believe in finding a workable Solution:

Like believing in yourself, you should also believe in your ideas. If you don’t think you can find a solution, then you won’t be able to.

Brainstorm with others:

Creativity is not an isolated activity. Bouncing ideas off others create a synergistic effects.

Turn Creative ideas into action:

Coming up with creative ideas is only part of the process. Once the ideas are generated, they must be implemented. Keeping great ideas in your mind or on paper, does little to expand your creative abilities.

Written by: Gitika Chandra

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