What is a Resume?

Learn about Resumes with Robert De Niro

Movie Case Study

The scene that you saw shows Ben (played by Robert De Niro)  recording a video resume for a new job. He is creating this video for the position of intern. Although he is old, he has decided to be a senior intern for a fashion site founded by Jules Ostin (played by Anne Hathaway).

What is a Resume?

A resume is a formal document. It is created by a job applicant to apply for a position at a company. A resume generally lists academic qualifications and experiences. A resume is mostly accompanied by a cover letter. A cover letter gives the motivations of a candidate to join a company or the role.

A resume is the first step that is screened for the candidates in the selection process.

Tips for writing a Resume:

Successful resumes feature the achievements of the candidate, previous experiences, educational qualifications, goals, increasing profits, and team-leading activities undertaken.

Being articulate, having succinct language, and having clarity in writing are some of the characteristic features of the resume. Similar to the scene that we saw, Ben is articulate in his speech. He clearly mentions what he is looking to get in the organization. He says that he is looking to make connections, he wants to be challenged, and wants to be needed. He comes across as authentic and genuine while talking about himself. He also mentions some of his qualities such as loyal, trustworthiness, and good in a crisis.

Video Resume

Ben does a great job in making a video resume, and he ends the video by saying that he still has music in him. A resume articulate as this one would definitely find the right recruiters. It is very important how information is presented to the recruiter.

Resumes have changed over time, earlier resumes used to be lengthy and were not very clear. Over the years resumes took a big shift and they went digital. New formats came into being and much new information became normal such as LinkedIn profile links, website links, blog pages, etc. Below is a format of a resume that many people use nowadays. These resumes come with photos and links to websites.

Format of a Resume

Format of a Resume

Understand Resume with a Video

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