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Movie Case Study

Watch this historic scene carefully from ‘Jaane Bhi do Yaaro’. In this particular scene, the play ‘Mahabharata’ is being staged. While the play has its usual characters, it is interrupted by outsiders who aren’t part of the play. This scene begins when 2 guys Vinod and Ravi (played by Naseeruddin Shah and Sudhir Mishra) are trying to hide the corpse of D’mello (played by Satish Shah) in the hope of exposing the corrupt builder (Tarneja) who had killed D’mello. Their attempt at hiding D’mello fails miserably when he is mistaken for Draupadi. Soon different parties saunter onto the stage claiming their right to Draupadi. Duryodhana, Dushasana (Vinod and Ravi), Bhim (Ahuja), and later Drupad (Tarneja) all try to take Draupadi into their custody. D’mello even becomes Anarkali when Akbar and Salim enter the stage.

Om Puri (in the scene above plays Ahuja) mentions that “Draupadi is not just yours, we all are shareholders.”

He says this because Draupadi was married to 5 Pandava brothers and each had right over her as a husband. If you watch this scene carefully, you will realize everybody seems to be after D’mello’s corpse ( played by Satish Shah). There are many people trying to claim it. Leaning Perspectives will explore shareholders vs Stakeholders in this blog.

Stakeholders Vs. Shareholders

A shareholder can be an individual or a company that buys a portion of the stock. For e.g. if you decide to buy 100 shares of Reliance, you become a shareholder of Reliance as you now own a very small portion of the stock of Reliance.

Two terms that are generally confusing for people to understand are stakeholder and shareholder. Organization/employees/government can be stakeholders in your company while shareholders’ would be those who own a part of your company by purchasing shares. Stakeholders want your company to perform well for reasons other than ownership.


Hence it follows from above, that stakeholders don’t necessarily have to be shareholders in a company while shareholders are always stakeholders in a company. Let’s see who are stakeholders with an example of an IT company. Below is a stakeholders’ map of an IT company.

The diagram can help us in understanding the various stakeholders of an IT company. Employees, suppliers, and customers all have different interests in the company and have a stake in the company. As one can see, Shareholders’ are also Stakeholders.

Now, it’s your turn to answer, In this particular scene, all those claiming the right to Draupadi are shareholders’ or stakeholders’?

Understand Shareholders vs. Stakeholders with a Video:

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