who is a production manager

Who is a Production Manager?

Learn about Production Manager with Amitabh Bachchan
Sooryavansham 1999

Movie Case Study

The scene shows a conversation between Shardha (played by Jayasudha) and Heera (played by Amitabh Bachchan). She says that her husband’s business has gone bankrupt and for the past six months there has been no income in the family. Bhanu Pratap had recently given an advertisement for a production manager at his Sugar mill. Shardha is asking him to consider her husband for the position of production manager. He agrees to meet her husband.

In this blog, Learning Perspectives will explore who is a production manager.

Who is a Production Manager?

The production manager is the employee of the company who oversees the production process of the product. Production managers generally estimate the material required for the product and process the product efficiently.

They also track costs of raw material, labor, and overhead costs which ensures smooth production. They deal with men, machines, materials, methods, and money. Hence, many times production managers are also called operations managers.

Understand Production Manager with a Video

Understand Production Manager with a Video


Planning for a production manager involves planning the product’s delivery which includes figuring out the inventory, scheduling, and costs of the product. To achieve effective quality, the product manager needs to define various metrics. He/she also needs to define processes for smooth production.

Inventory Control:

Inventory is an important aspect that should be looked into. Re-order level should be defined. Also, to maintain proper inventory levels, systems of FIFO or LIFO or weighted average cost should be used. This helps the production manager to ensure the smooth functioning of inventory. Inventories are critical for the success of a production manager.


It is an important goal of a production manager to stay within the budgeted limits and achieve quality production. They may have to work with teams to understand the money aspect so that they can save and also achieve the desired result.

Responsibilities of a Production Manager:

Preparation & Review of budgets

Estimation of costs & inventory management

Define objectives of production

Quality product delivery

Setting up smooth processes

Inspecting quality

Health & safety of workers to be maintained

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