what are white-collar jobs

What are white-collar jobs?

Learn about White- collar jobs with Sanjay Dutt
Policegiri 2013

Movie Case Study

The scene shows DCP Rudra (played by Sanjay Dutt) entering the police station. He asks a junior constable who all are inside the meeting hall. To which the constable replies that many ministers, MLAs, MPs, and all white-collar employees from the district. In this blog, Learning Perspectives will explore the meaning of white-collar employees.

What are White-collar jobs?

White-collar jobs are jobs that are professional, administrative, and clerical jobs. These jobs are typically performed in an office environment where an individual is allotted a desk. These jobs are high-paying jobs as they are given to skilled professionals.

White-collar employee, Dev in Tamashaa

Since these are high-paying jobs, they require a higher/master’s degree. A manual or a labor job is categorized as a blue-collar job. The name originates from the time when many workers used to wear blue uniforms to work. It is a similar case with white-collar too. Earlier many managerial and administrative employees would wear white-collar shirts to work.

Blue Collar Employee – Vijay in Deewar

White-collar Employees

White-collar employees tend to make more money compared to blue-collar employees because of the nature of their work. A typical white-collar employee can be from management, lawyers, insurance agents, etc.


Accountants are hired in the company because of their skills and degree in accounting. They generally conduct book-keeping activities. They report the financial statements and also conduct audits for the company.

Financial Analysts

As the name suggests, financial analysts analyze financial data and trends. This analysis helps businesses make informed financial decisions. You can find these analysts in investment banking, capital markets, and corporate finance areas.

Human Resource Manager

These managers in an organization deal with people and their issues related to salaries, management, onboarding, communication, etc.


They develop and maintain systems and processes in an organization. There could be many types of engineers and hence different types of work that they deal with. They can be either civil, mechanical, and/ or electrical engineers.


These are educators who impart knowledge in institutions such as schools, colleges, and corporations. These people are known for their expertise in their field.

Lawyers, doctors, coders, data scientists, and many more are all white-collar employees who earn for their skills.

White-Collar Crime

This is a crime that isn’t violent however hurts many employees and the company. This crime is generally related to embezzlement, money laundering, and financial fraud.

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