Interest Pe Interest??

Learn about Compound Interest with Mr. Sunny Deol

Watch this scene from a movie called Damini. Mr. Sunny deol teaches us about the repetition of tarikh(Date).

Mr. Sunny Deol tries his best to drill this into your head. He is very angry in this particular scene and beautifully explains the frustration and annoyance of a common man over extension of court cases. Court cases extend due to date being given to the petitioner again and again.

Please replace the word ‘Tarikh’ with “Interest”. This will help you remember that Compound interest is always ‘Interest on Interest’. (Interest pe Interest). Let’s understand this with an example: If Rs. 20,000 are deposited at the rate of 7.5%, what will be the interest after 15 years if it is compounded yearly?

Now, 7.5% on 20,000 for first year is 1,500. However, In the second year interest will be charged on 7.5% on 21,500( 20,000+1500). Let’s look at the third year, here interest will be received on 23,113 (i.e. on the amount 21,500+1,613). Or you can simply understand as: 1st year interest = 1,500; 2nd Year interest = 1,500+1,613 = 3,113 and so on. To put it simply, it’s interest on interest.

Insaaf nhi mila, milee toh bas Taarikh. If you deposit your money in a public provident fund (PPF) account. I would have to disagree and say aapko mila hain interest pe interest. 🙂


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