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Learn about opening a Savings Bank account with Yami Gautam!

Case breakdown: Movie Vicky Donor

In the above scene, Ayushman Khurana walks into a bank and want to open a savings bank account, without any knowledge of how an account works or what is it. Below is a sample of what a savings account form looks like. This is what Yami Gautam’s character is asking him to fill.

Services Banks offer:

Banks offer a variety of services. Banks when acting as a financial intermediary offer 2 major services of:

  • Deposit
  • Loan or Credit
Deposit Services:

Banks accept demand deposits and fixed or time deposits. Demand deposits are repayable on demand. Since demand deposits are more liquid than fixed deposit, interest is paid in these accounts at a lower rate than the fixed deposits.

While in fixed deposits a higher interest is paid compared to other deposits, as one cannot withdraw their money before an agreed time period. If one does, then one is subject to a penalty.

Savings Accounts:

These are also demand deposit accounts, offered for the benefit of individuals who would like to save their money and earn some interest on it. So, they have enough liquidity for payment of their bills and other miscellaneous expenses. Many banks have a policy of minimum balance which means the customer has to maintain at least Rs. 10,000 at any given time to avail services of the bank.


There are certain documents that are required to complete the opening of an account.

Identity Proof

Address Proof

Signature Proof

Passport size photograph

Written by: Ms. Gitika Chandra

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