What is a brand image

What is a Brand Image?

Learn about brand image with Ford Vs. Ferrari
Ford vs. Ferrari

Movie Case Study

The scene is a conversation between Lee Iacocca (played by Jon Bernthal) and Ford II. Lee started as an engineer in the organization, then moved to sales and marketing at the Ford company. In this scene, he is talking to Ford and telling him that Ferrari cars are winning the marketing game because their cars have an image of victory.

In this blog, Learning Perspectives will explore the meaning of brand identity.

What is a Brand Image?

Brand identity is associated with color, design, and logo. While the brand image is cultivated in the consumer’s mind to create the desired outcome by the company. Similar to the scene that you saw, Iacocca mentions that when consumers think of Ferrari, they think of victory. Hence, to experience victory they purchase the car.

Other brands such as Nike, are associated with inspiration, innovation, and authenticity. Nike’s tagline says ‘Just do it’. Amul is associated with patriotism and quality and its tagline is ‘The taste of India’. Different brands invoke an emotional response and an image in consumer’s minds.

This image is created in consumer’s minds through the company’s marketing efforts where the company makes the consumer about their values. Lee devised a ground-breaking marketing strategy for the Ford 56: Anyone purchasing a brand-new 1956, Ford could do so with an initial 20% down payment and three years of $56 monthly payments. The company’s revenue greatly rose as a result of this marketing campaign. This gave an image of value for money in the consumer’s minds.

The Ford Mustang was thereafter heavily marketed to the nation’s youth through test drives, TV and billboard ads, and other means. These and other initiatives helped Lee Iacocca advance, and in 1970, he was appointed as the president of Ford.

How to create a brand Image?

Brand image is generally created with the help of taglines, advertising, and how the company communicates its value. Companies use subliminal perceptions. This means embedding covert messages in advertisements or in packaging. Consumers are not consciously aware of this yet it affects their behavior. It engages the customers and brings recurring sales for the company. Advertisers use many marketing strategies to get the consumer hooked on their products and services.

While marketing, it is important for the company to be different from its competitors and position itself in that regard. For example, Apple is associated with an image of innovative premium products. This invokes brand loyalty in consumers. Using integration between marketing and branding helps to grow market share for the business.

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