who is a creative director

Who is a Creative Director?

Learn about Creative Director with Akshaye Khanna
Shaadi Se Pehle 2006

Movie Case Study

The scene shows Aashish (played by Akshay Khanna) reciting a couplet for an advertisement campaign. His boss is impressed and promotes Aashish Khanna to the level of creative director. Learning Perspectives in this blog will explore the meaning of a creative director.

Who is a Creative Director?

A creative director is an individual who generally takes creative decisions for a position. Creative directors can be found in the entertainment industry, media/advertising, fashion, content creation, graphics, video production, etc.

A creative director would be leading a team of creative people. If you want to become a creative director, although you would be creative education is equally important.

You would find a creative director has completed his/her education in their fields of creativity. A fine arts degree is a common degree for artists. These people could be web or graphic designers, artists, directors, copywriters, fashion, or jewelry designers.

Responsibilities of a Creative Director

A creative director would generally be involved with clients. He/She would create a brand or product vision. It could be an advertising campaign, graphic design, designing a video, or launching a fashion line. A creative director would also be responsible for maintaining timelines and budgets for the entire project. They find creative solutions to difficult problems. Similar to this scene. She is designing an advertising campaign for DC cars. Ideas by a creative director are pitched confidently to the team. They take responsibility for their output.


Since they have to lead entire projects on their shoulders. A mandate skill that they possess is that they are creative leaders. They have effective communication skills to not only lead members but also maintain relationships with clients. They have excellent interpersonal skills that enable them to forge relationships with their teams. Since this is a creative field, many people can give out feedback and criticism. They have a skill set to take in constructive criticism and they provide valuable feedback to the team for their growth.

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