What is Unity of Command?

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Case breakdown: Movie Office Space:

As you watch the scene from the movie ‘Office space’ , one can see the lead actor is answerable to 3 bosses in this particular scene. If you see the scene above, the employee is frustrated as the 3 bosses orders him around. All of them repeat the same instruction of whether he has received the memo. Even though what sounds like a silly mistake
by the employee, every boss talking about the same issue is making him frustrated and unproductive.

14 Principles of management given by Fayol are:

Unity of command is one of the management principles given by Fayol. It states that an employee receives orders from one manager or supervisor only. Fayol says that it if there are 2 or more than 2 supervisors, it leads to ‘ego clashes’ and conflict in the organization.

Henri Fayol was a French engineer who had developed the principles of management or the administrative theory.

a) Division of Work

b) Unity of Command

c) Unity of Direction

d) Scalar Chain

e) Equity

f) Order

g) Degree of Centralization

h) Remuneration

i) Subordination of Individual interest.

j) Stability

k) Initiative

l) Esprit de Corpse

m) Remuneration

n) Subordination of Individual interest

These principles lays down a foundation to understand how work can be conducted in an organization. They play a major role in planning, forecasting, decision making, attainment of objectives and controlling.

Written by: Ms. Gitika Chandra

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