What is the Burden of proof?

Learn about Burden of Proof with Jim Carrey

Case breakdown: Movie Ace Ventura:

The scene that you just witnessed is from the movie ‘Ace Ventura’. Ace Ventura (Played by Jim Carrey) is stating that a murder took place instead of suicide as the police claim. Lt. Einhorn (played by Sean Young) demands evidence for this from Ace. He gives the evidence after some dramatic facial expressions. He brings in the evidence of 2 neighbors’, one who shouted and the other who unlocked the balcony door. He starts to give a demonstration to prove that the balcony door is soundproof and hence it is murder.

What is the burden of proof?

The burden of proof is a legal standard. It proves the validity of the claim based on the evidence that is presented. The actual meaning of the burden of proof is being responsible for the position that is being claimed. Justifying or defending the claim that is being made.

In India burden of proof falls under sections 101-105 of the Indian evidence act of 1972. Similar to the scene as Ace provides evidence for the claim. This proof should be beyond a reasonable doubt.

When a person is bound to prove the existence of any fact, it is said that the burden of proof lies on that person. This generally takes place in the court of law unlike in the scene being shown here.

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