How does marketing influence the consumer?

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Movie Case Study

The scene that you just saw shows Nada (played by Roddy Piper) who discovers special sunglasses. These allow him to see the world for what it is, without any filters. He is walking down the street, looking at various billboards, shops, and magazine stalls. He is able to see words such as obey, buy, consume, etc on these articles.

In this blog, Learning Perspectives will explore the effect of marketing on the consumer.

How do companies market their products?

Advertising is one of the forms of Marketing. It is all-pervasive and affects people in different ways. Some advertisements are persuasive while some are just informative. Advertising provides an opportunity to make dramatic content through artful content, print, sound, or color.

This is generally done to get the consumer’s attention. Once the attention is given by the customer, then the consumer is engaged with different schemes and offers.

Online and social media marketing campaigns have become pervasive now. Ads can be seen while browsing or surfing. Due to social engines and tracking, advertisements have become all-pervasive. Online marketing is interactive too as suggestion changes at the request of the client.

Marketing Strategies

When advertisers launch a product, they follow certain strategies that include: continuity, concentration, flighting and pulsing.


As the name suggests, continuity implies something that appears evenly in a given period. Advertisers flock to the market which is considered as an expanding market. This market has a high number of buyers that can be targeted.


This involves spending the entire advertising budget in a single period. Products that are sold in a single season adopt this method.


This method involves advertising during one period followed by a period of no advertising. This cycle keeps repeating. Generally, it is done by companies that have a limited budget.


This is a combination of concentration and flighting. One might witness heavy advertising in one period followed by less activity. These companies actually check the pulse of the customer and modify their campaigns accordingly.   

The majority of marketing campaigns are done with an intention of increasing sales of the company.

How does marketing influence the consumer?

The brands/products and services create demand in the market to stimulate the customer. It can be due to some reasons given below:

Subliminal Perception:

Customers are triggered psychologically by marketing campaigns. This is sometimes called subliminal perception. This means embedding covert messages in advertisements or in packaging. Similar to the scene that we saw. Consumers are not consciously aware of this yet it affects their behavior. It engages the customers and brings recurring sales for the company. Tag lines and advertisements subtly place a message in the customers’ minds.

For example, Honda cars used the tagline ‘live your style’ and subtly told customers that if they want to be stylish then they need to own a honda car.


Many times customer response is not rational. It is emotional as a product or brand may invoke feelings. Brands like Archies, Coca-cola, and Amul have had an emotional connection with loyal customers for years. Nyka’s (beauty and personal care) new advertisement campaign challenge gender stereotypes and tell stories of women who became leaders even after difficulty in life. These ads create an emotional story and more customers move toward the products.


Attention is the allocation of processing capacity to a stimulus. Involuntary attention is grabbed by someone or something while voluntary attention is purposely given. Since there is a lot of information flowing in the market. We block most things out, this is called selective attention. We react to something that is unexpected and it catches our attention. Marketers do their best to do this.

Understand the Marketing Influences with a Video

Learn how marketing influences consumer with a video

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