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What is Research design?

Learn about Research design with Spider-man
Spider Man

Movie Case Study

The scene that you just saw shows Dr. Otto Octavious demonstrating his research of mechanical arms that assists him in creating fusion. This is done to create safe, renewable, and cheap electricity sources. He claims that these mechanical arms are impervious to heat and magnetism. Smart arms are controlled by his brain function. He also developed an inhibitor chip that helps protect his higher brain function, so that he maintains control of the arms rather than the arms controlling him.

In this blog, Learning Perspectives will explore the meaning of Research design.

What is Research design?

Undertaking research involves experiments and demonstrations. Similar to the scene that you saw. Research types can include experimental studies, surveys, descriptive case studies, etc. Research is conducted through the quantitative method or qualitative method. As the name suggests, quantitative methods involve measurement through numbers, statistics, and figures while qualitative method deals with observations, recording, opinions, experiences, etc.

Research design includes phases that start with:

  • Defining the research problem
  • The methodology that will be used while doing the research.
  • Creation of hypothesis
  • Testing of Hypothesis
  • Measure, analyze and interpret data

Research methodology can be done either through primary or secondary sources.

Experimental design:

This research design is also called causal research, as it deals with cause and effect. There are two variables taken in an experiment, dependent and independent variables. Generally, one variable is controlled to ascertain its effect on another variable.

Understand Research with a Video

For example, if I conduct research on Red-Bull’s (beverage) effect on the productivity of employees. Red -Bull is the independent variable while productivity is considered a dependent variable. This is because productivity is dependent upon Red Bull. The independent variable is manipulated to test the results. In this case, how much Red Bull makes the difference i.e. in liters or in cans. Then productivity can be measured accordingly.

Descriptive Research:

This research deals mostly with qualitative research. It includes gathering data and analyzing and interpreting it. It involves setting the problem statement and starting from there.

Explanatory Research:

This research shows the thoughts and ideas of the author. He/she explores the topic in detail with an open mind and interprets data. This research also involves forming a causal relationship between two variables. Conducting Surveys, interviews, focus groups, observation, etc all form part of this research.

Action Research:

This research is based on the principle of the plan, act, observe and reflect. This research is generally conducted when one is looking for immediate solutions. It is mostly used in education-related areas. Lewin spoke first about action research in 1947.


These are conducted to prove the conclusiveness of the research. Similar to the scene we saw, Dr. Ock is conducting a demonstration of the mechanical arms and the fusion-based energy source. He claims that it is safe and it will generate cheap electricity for everyone. Generally, there are two types of demonstration methods:

Process demonstration:

This is done when a step-by-step process is explained and shown.

Result demonstration:

Research is demonstrated to prove the validity of the research conducted.


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