what is Networking

What is Networking?

Learn about Networking with Priyanka Chopra
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Movie Case Study

Meghna Mathur was recently hired as a model by Panache, a modeling agency. Abhijeet Sarin is one of the managing partners at Panache. The scene shows Meghna Mathur and Abhijeet Sarin at an official party. Abhijeet is introducing Meghana to various people at the party. In this blog, Learning Perspectives will explore the meaning of networking.

What is Networking?

Meeting new people for the purpose of exchange of new ideas and thoughts is generally referred to as networking. Networking is done by many people and for different purposes. Similar to the scene that you saw, Meghna who has joined as a new model is the ambassador of Panache. She is building her network through Abhijeet by getting to know new people. This is considered offline networking.

Networking helps in building new relationships and getting new opportunities. It also helps in staying up to date with current events and keeping up with industry news.

Businesses & entrepreneurs make use of networking on a regular basis. This is done as meeting & connecting with new people is essential for businesses. Business owners prefer building relationships to be up-to-date with new trends and to find help with opportunities.

How does networking work?

Generally, people connect with different people based on a common interest or purpose. Many groups are formed based on common interests. One finds many female entrepreneurs connect on various platforms. Professionals generally build networks at office parties or trade shows. One may find teachers, and professors connecting at seminars, conferences, and workshops. Different interests lead you to meet mentors, guides, friends, and like-minded people. Social networking is too based on such criteria. People who travel connect with each other. While someone who is a foodie would connect with another foodie or a food blogger.

Online Networking

In today’s age, we also witness online networking. For official purposes, one has the opportunity to network on platforms such as Linkedin. This means an individual or business can hire people and connect with potential recruiters. Jobs and job descriptions can be shared seamlessly to make new connections and hire people. Different freelancing platforms also give an opportunity to hire individuals and businesses. COVID has helped in dissolving the boundaries and one can tap into international talent. Platforms such as Fiver and Upwork are well-known for this need.

While for social networking, there are many platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and many others. Although, these platforms were started with the intent to network socially. Nowadays, one can see many businesses networking and advertising their businesses on these platforms.

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