what is a Doctor of Philosophy

Who is a PhD scholar?

Learn about Ph.D. with Ranbir Kapoor
Rajneeti 2010

Movie Case Study

The scene shows Samar (played by Ranbir Kapoor) discussing his Ph.D. submission with his father. His father is curious about his Ph.D. topic. Samar says that his thesis topic is ‘the subtextual emotional violence of nineteenth-century victorian poetry’. His father asks him about his future plans, and Samar says he has an offer for a teaching job. In this blog, Learning Perspectives will explore the meaning of a Ph.D. scholar.

Who is a Ph.D. scholar?

A doctor of Philosophy is a research degree. To teach at academic institutions, specifically at the higher education level, Ph.D. is a mandatory degree to have. The duration of this research is anywhere between three to six years. Sometimes the time can go even higher in different subjects.

Title of a Ph.D scholar

Samar’s father says I will now call you Doctor SamarPratap. That’s because as one is awarded the Ph.D. degree, they are given the title of a doctor. That’s because now the individual is well-researched in their choice of topic and is considered an expert.

Ph.D. is also considered the highest academic degree to be awarded. These PhDs are awarded in many subjects. In India, University Grants Commission (UGC) regulates higher education. UGC lays down the criteria for granting PhDs in India.

Eligibility of a Ph.D. Scholar

Eligibility includes completion of a master’s degree, NET exam, and/or M.Phil. One needs to complete a thesis during the course work. There is a Research Advisory Committee body as defined in the Statutes/Ordinances of the Higher Educational Institution concerned for each Ph.D. scholar.

A Ph.D. scholar presents their work before the Research committee with a presentation for evaluation and further guidance. The research supervisor guides the candidate through this Ph.D. program. In India, a Ph.D. part-time program is also available. This is available when the candidate fulfills certain conditions.

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