Entrepreneur comes from a French word ‘entreprendrewhich means to undertake.

Who are Entrepreneurs?

Majority of the people find comfort in living a life that’s predictable and safe. People who venture out of their comfort zones tend to become entrepreneurs. These people are driven by commitment and determination. They desire deep independence and recognition. These qualities are generally internal to a person as they need to be ignited with passion. As a person develops into becoming an entrepreneur he or she encounters many qualities within themselves. These could be tolerance for uncertainty, confidence, leadership abilities and many more.



Innovation and entrepreneurship goes hand in hand. Creative ideas and innovative products drive change. Entrepreneurs exploit change as an opportunity while many entrepreneurs are cautious.

Steps of Entrepreneurial process:

Generally it starts with an event of:

1) Identification and evaluation of the opportunity– This stage consists of understanding what opportunities correspond to the idea and how it can be exploited. As the scene from the movie ‘Sui Dhaga’ shows how the lead actors in the movie figure out an opportunity of starting a shop on the pavement.

2) Development of a business plan– This stage requires understanding finances, also forecasting and budgeting play an important role in developing this business. As one can see from the scene how the lead actress, played by Anushka Sharma is collecting money for the Maxi (product) they are willing to stitch and offer.

3) Determination of the required resources– This stage requires a thorough understanding of the resources that are available to the entrepreneur. As shown in the movie when the couple bags a big opportunity to display their collection at an event, they have to determine the resources available and how would they utilize them.

4) Management of resulting enterprise– Ultimately it leads to forming and managing the company that would employ some people and generate revenue. Finally as shown in the movie, they manage to win the competition and are able to get a big pay-off which helps them to invest more money in their existing business.

Characters in the movie might not know the steps theoretically but they follow the process of entrepreneurship and it is reflected in their actions. Entrepreneurship deals with a lot of challenges and opportunities and one needs to be of resilient to face this ride. This journey of entrepreneurship helps both the characters of the movie to learn not only more about each other but also about themselves. They are able to tap into their innate wisdom by exploring opportunities, their leadership skills and determination to see through what they started.

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