what are paid and unpaid leaves

What are Paid and Unpaid Leaves?

Learn about Leaves with Priyanka Chopra
Krrish 2006

Movie Case Study

Priya (played by Priyanka Chopra) and Honey are reporters at Star TV in Singapore. Both of them decide to take a 15-day vacation to India. They reached back to their office 5 days later than their scheduled planned leaves. Their boss (played by Archana Puran Singh) decides to fire both of them as they extended their holiday.

To save their jobs, Honey claims that they started working on the 16th day by discovering a new story for the channel.

In this blog, Learning Perspectives will explore the meaning of paid and unpaid leaves.

What are paid and unpaid leaves?

Paid leaves and unpaid leaves are two main types of leaves that are offered by employers. These are also called leave of absence. On the majority of occasions, employers decide whether the leave would be supported monetarily or not.

When the employee is granted leave from work to complete significant, personal work. These leaves are generally paid in nature yet the employer has the discretion to make them unpaid too.

The structure of leaves is significantly different for government and multi-national companies. MNCs offer compliance leaves which means a 10-day off period which can be availed once a year for vacationing by the employee. Besides, if the MNC is operating in India, then there are gazetted holidays that the MNCs have to abide by. They also offer casual and earned leaves.

Understand Paid & Unpaid Leaves with a Video

Understand Paid & Unpaid Leaves with a Video

The structure government organizations adopt is that they offer the following leaves:

Types of Leaves

  1. Casual Leaves – These are 8 days in a year, these leaves cannot be combined with any other leaves.
  2. Special Casual Leave – These leaves are given on the basis of consultancy or research activities. These can be 6 days in a year.
  3. Special Casual Leave (without institute financial assistance) – 15 days are allotted in a year. These are granted to attend National / International conferences within India or abroad to present a paper/chair a session (No paper credits).
  4. Commuted leaves – These leaves are commuted up to 180 days during the entire service. They can be availed on the basis of medical grounds or study purposes.
  5. Earned Leave – EL or earned leaves can be availed up to a maximum of 180 days at a stretch.
  6. Vacation leave – These are granted for 30 days during winter and 60 days during summer. This is generally granted to teachers.
  7. Extraordinary Leave – This is granted by the government to those employees who have worked for 5 years in the office. This leave is granted for 1 year.
  8. Maternity Leave – This is granted for 135 days. In case of a miscarriage 6 weeks of leaves are granted.

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