What are outside sales

What are Outside Sales?

Learn about Outside Sales with Sanjay Dutt
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Movie Case Study

The scene that you saw shows Kamal Malhotra (played by Sanjay Dutt) who is a salesman and can be seen selling Godrej’s hair color to a prospect. Kamal is conducting field duty and finds a man who has white hair, he considers him to be a prospect and starts selling him the product. This goes on until he realizes he is actually bald and is wearing a wig.

What are outside sales?

Goods and services that are physically sold by a salesperson in the field are called as outside sales. These salespeople work outside the office. They don’t make cold calls to prospects but rather visit them directly. Hence, the name of outside sales is adopted.

These salespeople would generally be found meeting clients directly, on the road, or in the client’s house. These salespeople travel to meet the client on demand. Their daily expenses of travel on scooter, car, and or petrol are reimbursed by the company they work for.

Outside sales can be called ‘field sales’ too. These salespeople are generally compensated on a commission basis. This is based on the business they bring into the company. Outside sales professionals need to keep a check on their appearance as they need to have one on one meetings with the client.

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