What is Property Deed?

Learn about Property deed with Dilip Kumar

Case breakdown: Movie Ram Shyam

The scene that you saw shows how Ram (played by Dilip Kumar) is being asked to sign the property deed. As he reads the property deed, he decides not to sign it. This makes Gajendra (played by Pran), his brother-in-law extremely angry.

Ram is actually Shyam (his twin, also played by Dilip Kumar) in the movie. Ram is an abuse victim as Gajendra hits him continuously and wants to steal his property. Hence, Ram does not say much in front of Gajendra, and to maintain peace, he would have signed the document. Shyam, on the other hand, who has now replaced Ram isn’t fearful of Gajendra as he has had a different life.

What is Property Deed?

Property papers or deeds are real estate documents that transfer ownership from one party (seller) to the other (buyer). These are legal in nature and can be used in a court of law. There are certain essentials of this deed to make it valid.


The name of the two parties should be clearly mentioned on the property deed. It should clearly mention the name, age, and address of both parties. Signatures of both parties are mandatory to make this document valid.

Property Description

The deed should mention the description of the property which is up for sale. It should detail the plot size, identification numbers, number of rooms, exact location, construction, etc.

Mode of Payment

The deed should mention the payment mode i.e. either in cash or digitally. This is an important detail in the property deed, if the seller wants advance payment that should also be clearly mentioned in the document.

Ownership Transfer

This part is the most crucial part of the document, it should clearly list all details such as what time and under what condition the title would be transferred. The actual date of delivery and possession should be mentioned.


If the property is owned by 2 or more people, it should be signed by all property holders. Without a party’s signature, it can be considered null or void.

Next time, you are signing a property deed, ensure all essential elements are there.

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