what is a frontal assault

What is Frontal Assault?

Learn about frontal Assault with the Mummy
The Mummy 2001

Movie Case Study

The scene shows a fight sequence between Nefertiri (played by Rachel Weisz) and Anck Su. Anck Su is an established fighter while Nefertiri is training to become a fighter. Learning Perspectives in this blog will explore the meaning of frontal assault strategy in marketing.

What is frontal assault?

An frontal attack or an assault takes place when a new company decides to attack the market leader directly. This strategy is bold and challenging. It is a tactic where the company attacks its competitor through the 5Ps of marketing.

These are product, price, place, promotion, and people. To undertake a frontal attack then the company should have adequate resources to do so. For example, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been known to conduct frontal assaults on each other.

Types of Frontal Assaults’

Pure Frontal Attack

These attacks try to match the competitors at all levels. These levels include positioning similar to the competitor in marketing & all other features. These companies might have similar strengths and weakness or would try to match them.

Limited Frontal Attack

These attacks are limited and targeted to a particular niche of the business. This could be for a specific product or a service that the business offers. The competitor would look to match all product features, marketing & positioning. This attack might succeed compared to other attacks.

Price Attack

When the competitor wants to attack the market leader on the basis of price. They will match all features along with setting a competitive price, which can either be slightly lower or higher than the market leader.

Research & Developmental Attack

This happens when the company decides to match creativity, innovation, and put its resources into the research & development of products and services similar to the market leader.

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