What is an Angel Investor?

Learn about Angel Investor with Jobs



Case breakdown: Movie Jobs

The scene that you just saw from the movie shows how the investor Mike Markkula (first investor) of apple is ready to invest in the company. He doesn’t negotiate with Steve Jobs either. He believes in the company’s vision and knew it would do well in future. Hence he decides to invest in the company. Markkula was a financial expert who later took care of the finances of the company.

Steve jobs (played by Ashton Kutcher) very tactfully asks Markulla, a loan of 2,50,000 @10% (besides $90, 000 investment) interest rate which will be paid in full once the company meets positive net revenue.

Who are Angel Investors?

Angel investors are wealthy investors who are looking to invest in companies they think are viable and would earn return in future. They are also called the seed investor or private investor. They are generally high net worth individuals. This investment can be a one-time investment to help business get off the ground or it could be an on going investments. 



These types of investments are considered to be risky as the investor is at a risk of losing his/her investment completely. Angel investors help start-ups begin their business journeys’. Many angel investors are nowadays investing through equity crowd funding.

For example angel investor in India for Ola cabs and Shaadi.com was Anupam Mittal.

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