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What is Standard of Living?

what is Standard of Living?
Alka has come to Kolhapur with her husband. She encounters a lady who starts questioning Alka about her living situation. Watch & learn the meaning of standard of living with this movie scene.

What is Currency?

what is currency
Jolly & Jai approach Max to get a job done. Max is ready to do the job but he charges a fees. The fees that he charges is in pounds rather than money. Watch & learn the meaning of currency.

What is a Ledger?

What is a Ledger
Arun is Raman's senior. Raman, however does not treat Arun as his boss. Arun points out Raman's mistake that he committed while making the ledger for Blue bird. Watch & Learn the meaning of Ledger.

Who is an Auditor?

who is an auditor
Maniram, who is a small lender is petrified by the news of tax raids in the town. Radheshyam walks in his office to check the accounts. Watch & learn with this scene the meaning of auditor.

What is Unemployment?

paying guest 2
Parakshit came running towards Bhavesh. He wanted support from him as he lost his job. However he wasn't aware that Bhavesh too is now without a job. Watch & Learn about unemployment with this scene.

What are Criminal Proceedings?

what are criminal proceedings
When Kishan was being arrested by the Police. Sanam intervened and stopped the inspector, she listed all the sections on why Kishan can't be arrested. Watch & Learn about Criminal Proceedings.

What is Copyright?

what is copyright
When Sky met Murad & Sher. She decided to collaborate with them. As they will do their artistic work, all of them get equal copyrights. Watch & Learn the meaning of copyrights with this movie scene.

What is Business expansion?

what is business expansion
Shri Krishna appears to Anand Narayan. Anand starts to reply by boasting about his business. Watch & learn with this scene how Anand is trying to expand his business. Learn about expansion strategies.

What are Mergers?

what are Mergers
Ronit and Monishka decided to question the investors. These investors were attending the Globex International Merger. In the process, they taught us an important financial concept of Mergers.

What is Net Loss?

what are net losses
Dev Khanna's father runs many factories across India. Dev is worries that the factory at Palampur is running in losses and should be shut down. Watch this scene & find out what are net losses.