Trade Unions

Learn about Trade Unions with Anil Kapoor

Case breakdown: Movie Laadla

As we watch this scene, we can witness the conflict between the trade union and the Management (Sridevi). Anil Kapoor works as labor in the Sheetal industries. Conflict arises when one of the trade union workers injures his hand while working in the factory and how Anil Kapoor (factory worker) takes Sridevi’s car, without her permission to the hospital. This makes the management furious. We can understand that Sridevi (Sheetal) is the management while Anil Kapoor is touted to be the representative of the union. (in another scene of this movie). Learning Perspectives explores the meaning of Trade unions in this blog.

What are Trade Unions?

Workers generally organize themselves in unions. These unions are created to demand better wages, hours, working conditions, and terms and conditions of employment. It is not the law that every worker must necessarily be a part of the trade union.

Collective bargaining:

It is a concept given by the National Labor Relations which simply means that both the management (Sridevi, in this case) and labor (Anil Kapoor) are required by the law to negotiate wage, hours, and terms and conditions of the employment in good faith.

Good faith generally means that both parties, in this scene Sridevi and Anil Kapoor ( representative of the union) should make an effort to reach an agreement. Clearly, Sridevi is not a very good negotiator. To prove a point she burns her car.


This occurs when the parties are not able to move further towards settlement, i.e. one party is demanding more than the other party is willing to offer. Impasse generally can be resolved through a third party this could be a mediator or Arbitrator. If the Impasse is not resolved, the union may call for a strike or stoppage of work to pressurize the management.

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