How to Train a Panda?

Learn about training with Master Shifu!

This Scene from the movie Kungfu Panda shows training process that is followed by most organization.

Training Process in any organization consists of the following steps:

First step in any training process is Need Analysis which means identifying the specific skills and knowledge required for the job. Master Shifu (Trainer) is convinced that Panda is the Dragon Warrior and can be groomed to become one.

Second step is Instructional designing. This means formulating specific and measurable task, reviewing possible training program content and estimating budget for training program. Master Shifu is very wise, hence training program for the panda is customized according to his needs. It consists of dumplings and other delicacies which happen to be Panda’s weakness.

Third step is Implementing the program which means actually training the employee. In this case, training the Panda to become a Dragon Warrior.

Fourth and the final step is assessing the program’s success or failure. By the end of this scene one can figure it, program turned out to be successful. Master Shifu’s strategy worked. 🙂

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